Instruction Manuals

For most of us, putting something together takes time and effort. Without proper diagrams and instructions, it is easy to get confused on how it is supposed to be put together. Instruction manuals are a great resource for putting something together or operating a computer system. Instructions manuals should be available on the internet. This will make it readily available, encourage people to purchase the product, provide information for troubleshooting, and reduce the number of calls to customer service for assistance.

Have you ever filed away an instruction manual for your camera, video game, computer, or other product? Now you just canít remember where you filed them at. It can be frustrating when you canít use the product because you need information on how it works or how to replace something on it. For new cameras, even loading the file can be tricky without the instruction manual. With such manuals available only, you can quickly and easily find the information. This makes the product more user friendly. It allows you to resolve the issue and get back to enjoying the product.

For product developers, offering an online instruction manual can be an excellent selling point. The more technical the product is, the bigger demand there is for an online instruction manual. This option might make the different in which produce a consumer chooses.

Troubleshooting products can be tricky and time consuming. An online instruction manual offering troubleshooting tips for that particular product can be a lifesaver. For example, I recently spend an hour trying to get my printer to work properly after installing a new ink cartridge. I finally had to call tech support. After being on hold for 20 minutes, they told me how to fix the resolution and correct the ink problem. After I hung up the phone it took me less than a minute to have my printer up and running. If they had an online instruction manual, I could have saved myself quite a bit of time.

I am sure customer service representatives for products all over the world get calls like mine daily. Imagine the amount of time they could save on telling people the same information over and over again if it simply available online. This could also save companies money as they could reduce the number of customer service representatives needed.

Online instruction manuals are an easy way for consumers to access the information they need to properly use their equipment. Such information allows problems to be solved faster and without frustration. To get more businesses to provide this customer service approach, consumers need to make their desire for online instruction manuals heard by those who have the authority to make it happen.

If you would like to see an online instruction manual available for the products you purchase, consider writing a letter to the manufacturer. Many include surveys in the product packaging. This is a good tool to communicate your ideas for improvement as well. Generally, these surveys are postage paid so you wonít have to pay to get your message hear. It is often said there is a voice in numbers. That is very true in the market place. The more people who request online instruction manuals, the more the manufacturers will begin to take notice.

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