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Graco is well known for its baby products. It offers a full range of items including cribs, basinets, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, and baby monitors. Each and every item comes with its own instruction manual, making setting the products up an easy process to follow. Most of us never keep those manuals once we have the item pot together. We regret it later when we have taken it apart for storage, and then need it again.

Another reason people often donít have instruction manuals for baby items is because they are handed down from one person to another or purchased second hand. If you are planning to sell your baby items on Ebay or in a yard sale, you can increase you selling potential by including a copy of the instruction manual obtained online.

You can find instruction manuals for every Graco product on their website. To access, click on the customer care section of the website. There you will get a list of all the types of products Graco manufactures. Click on the name of the product you need an instruction manual for. A drop down menu will let you choose your particular product. You will then be directed to the instruction manual. These manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat. If you donít have Adobe Acrobat, you can click to be linked to download it free of charge.

Be prepared if you plan to print the instruction manual because most are between 30 and 80 pages! That being said, you might want to search the manual and then only print the pages you need. Each manual has a picture of the product. It names every part of the product on a clearly marked diagram. This enables you to easily find the right part as you read the information in the manual. The table of contents will help you find the information you are looking for quickly. The manual also has a section on important information and product warnings.

An added feature Graco provides is an animated flash version of the instruction manual. It is noted on the site that the animated information is not designed to replace the instruction manual. You can access it online or request one to be mailed to you. Both ways are offered as a free service from Graco. This animated manual is fascinating. It has pictures and text to walk you through everything. You click when you are ready to advance to the next frame. However, the one downfall is you canít look at it and find a specific area of help you need. You must flip through each frame of the video until you find the segment that pertains to your issue.

Graco understands the importance of properly putting together baby items. Whether it is a new toy, the baby monitor, or the crib, your satisfaction is a top priority. The online instruction manuals and videos offer assistance that is top of the line. You can contact customer service if you arenít able to resolve your issues here. There are also links to order any replacement parts you may need and to product recalls and recall alerts.