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Kodak is a household name when it comes to cameras. They offer a full line of cameras including Polaroid, digital, and manual. Most people arenít aware that they offer many other products including printers and projectors. Kodak stands behind the quality of all their products, increasing their sales because consumers know if they arenít happy with any Kodak product, they can return it. While Kodak products are more expensive than some of the others on the market, their commitment to customer satisfaction is worth the investment.

If you own a Kodak product, it came with an instruction manual. You may not know where that manual is today. Without it, you may find properly using your product is difficult or impossible. However, at you can access the complete ownerís manual for every product they make. This access if free of charge. You can print the information as well. Finding this information on their website is very easy.

On the homepage, select consumer photography. In the drop down menu select support center. On the left hand side, one of the options is product manuals. Here you will find the specific instruction manual for every model of every type of product manufactured by Kodak. Simply click on the product you have. Each instruction manual will contain different information, but all of them cover everything about that product.

Every instruction manual is divided into sections. This allows you to easily find information on the particular issue you are having. The product overview explains the contents of the item you purchased and everything from loading batteries in it to storing information. The next section discusses how every feature on the product works. For cameras, the next section discusses how to view your photos.

There is information on how to load software and connecting your product to your computer (if applicable for your product). One of the most common sections is troubleshooting. From the smallest detail to the most complicated issue, it is all clearly stated in simple terms. Depending on the product addition sections may include information of safety, power saving features, and upgrades. All instruction manuals offer an index for faster searching.

Kodak is one of the leaders in the business when it comes to customer service. If you do not find the information you are looking for in the instruction manual you can contact them for additional help. You can do this by email, calling an 800 number, searching the frequently asked questions, or visiting the online support center. These types of customer service are free of charge to thank you for purchasing their products. If a Kodak representative canít help you resolve your issue, they will discuss other options with you. These options include replacing or exchanging the product. In some cases they will offer to refund your purchase. At Kodak, they strive to keep the customer happy.

Kodak is always interested in finding out what the consumer likes and doesnít like about their products. They welcome your ideas and proposals for changes. If you are impressed with the online access to their instruction manuals let them know. It is a great feature that more companies need to be offering to consumers.