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Mattel is one of the worlds leading toy manufacturers. As any parent knows, figuring out how some of those toys assemble and operate can be mind boggling. Nothing is harder to comfort than a child who has finally gotten the very toy he wanted, only to discover that you canít make it work properly!

Every Mattel toys comes with a comprehensive instruction manual with information on how to put it together and the available functions. If you canít find the instruction manual for a product, their website has a section called Consumer Relations Answer Center. Here you will find instruction manuals for all the products. You can enter the product name into the search field and it will instantly access the information. Be detailed with the information you enter in the search field as many products have similar names.

If you donít know the exact name, enter as detailed of a description as you can. You will then get a list of possible matches to select from. Some of the instruction manuals will give you a message that modifications may have been made to this instruction manual. This will indicate to you that some of the information in the manual has changed from the original one you received when you purchased the product. Generally, these changes have to do with particular parts. Sometimes parts are added or taken out of the product to make assembly easier.

In addition, you will get a similar alert if you access an instruction manual for a product that a recall or recall alert has been issued for. This is just another way Mattel is providing the best possible customer service to all consumers. Recalls and recall alerts are very important information that every parent needs to be aware of.

The first part of the instruction manual will provide you with a picture of the product and all the parts that came with it. This will ensure that you do have the right instruction manual before you begin. Next you will be provided with a step by step instruction for each part of the assembly process. You will also be provided with pictures to help you along the way.

The online instruction manual provides a phone number for you to call toll free if you need to purchase replacement parts for your product. The instruction manuals do not have troubleshooting information on them. However you can call Customer Care and get live assistance if you have a product that wonít work properly.

If you find the online instruction manuals on Mattelís website useful, let them know. Manufacturers need to be aware of what the consumer likes about their product. Too often we only contact a manufacturer when we have a complaint. I think the instruction manual to use a troubleshooting section, but that is just my own opinion. I avoid putting my childrenís toys together because I usually end up doing it more than once to get it right. I was very upset once trying to put together my daughterís easel. I thought that they forgot to drill two holes where they needed to be. If I had consulted the online instruction manual I would have found out that I had two of the pieces wrong. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.