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Nintendo offers excellent customer service. They provide instruction manuals online. Game manuals are available for most video games at no charge. Manuals for game systems and accessories are free. Health and safety manuals are also available,

Most game instruction manuals can be accessed from the site. They can be reviewed or printed, which ever you prefer. The majority of the manuals only come in English. Some of the game instruction manuals are not available online, but you may purchase online and it will be mailed to you. These instruction manuals are exactly what you get with the game you purchase. Access to instruction manuals online is an excellent resource for the games you buy used at various stores, on Ebay, or other sources.

Online instruction manuals for game systems and accessories are easy to download. You will need to be able to identify exactly what type of game system you own. The manuals are only available in acrobat reader, but are available in English, Spanish, and French. You can view them online or print the manuals. Each manual has detailed information on every part of the product. It details how each part works. There are wonderful pictures and diagrams showing the proper way to install systems to your computer and other power sources. It also shows pictures of how accessories are to be installed to the game system.

The pictures make it much easier to understand exactly how everything needs to be in order to work properly. Each instruction manual also comes with a troubleshooting section as well. You can select the problem you are having such as no power or the game wonít play. It will then offer you solutions to your problem. Each type of problem has more than one solution offered.

Health and safety manuals are offered in English, Spanish, and French. You have the option of having this information mailed to you from Nintendo free of charge. These online instruction manuals are available in Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader formats. These manuals contain important information including possible seizures, eyestrain, repetitive motion injuries, and battery leakage. This information is all very important, and it is good to know you have a source to come look at should any of these issues arise.

The online instruction manuals offered by Nintendo are a valuable resource. They provide information on how to play a particular game including what combination of buttons performs certain actions on the game. They provide information on proper system set up as well as accessory connections. The troubleshooting section if very helpful when you canít get your system to work properly. The health and safety information is important if anyone in your home begins experiencing medical illness after prolonged use of a Nintendo System.

Nintendo offers great customer support to ensure you are able to enjoy your game system, accessories, and video games in the best possible way without adding frustration and confusion while trying to figure out how everything works. While the online instruction manuals are well written, you can speak with a live assistant if they information provided doesnít resolve your issues.